Empire Theatre

Sophie Gibson’s Exclusive Interview all about the Empire Theatre.

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Throughout the whole time of being back in Burnley, Sophie has managed to exhibit her artwork both nationally and internationally from Burnley all the way to the United States. Nowadays the Empire theatre takes up a lot of Sophie’s time.  Being active for such a long time Sophie still gets a lot of opportunities to exhibit, sell her artwork, freelance and be a part of many exciting projects in the town. 

When Sophie’s not working as a Lecturer, the Burnley Empire Theatre takes up most of her time, along with many other exciting projects she’s involved with, in the town.  Kelly Smith put on her hard hat and had a chat with Sophie at the theatre she loves so much. 

Burnley College is doing a fantastic job of creating new young minds and artists in the area. There’s also an organisation called Blaze Arts. They work with young producers to produce events, projects and exhibitions. I think they are one to look out for. I’d love for them to be involved with the Empire at some point.