Voices of the Counter Culture

On Saturday 24th June, we saw the official launch of the wonderful Fiona Hornby’s – Voices of the Counter Culture Project in the newly restored Salon, a fantastic venue for all arts and cultural activities.

A memorable event for all with artworks, soundscape, readings from the book and an eye watering one off special performance.

The project began in 2020 as an artist led oral history project. Voices of the Counter Culture was commissioned by the Lower St James’s Street Cultural Consortium to explore the streets radical past.

Hours of recorded memories were collected over a 2 year period by Burnley artist and archivist Fiona Hornby.

The distillation of this research is presented in the new publication, alongside new works specially created for this exhibition reflecting Fiona’s longstanding relationship to the Ted Triangle Vegetarian Cafe which occupied the premises 2017.

Fiona Hornby’s second edition of the Voices of the counter Culture can be downloaded or viewed here.

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